Saturday, 23 September 2017

my boyfriend has stolen me $10000

I met up with this guy in August 2017, and we started dating, but this guy was so broke he had no money at all. but he was a very handsome guy.
I came from a good family, in my family, we have lots of money because my father he is a businessman and my mother also. 
I was taking good care of my boyfriend I gave him money, I was giving him lots of things. but one day he came to see me at home because I was living with my parents—      

he came to see visit me at my home in my parent's house, I took him to my room because it was his first time he entered in my room. I had over $10000 in my room inside my saving box.   I left him in my room and went to cook food, and then came back from the kitchen he was no longer in my room and he was nowhere in the house, my money was disappeared he took all my money and his phone was off.

When I went to such for him where he was living I found out he moved the same day, I have never found him again since that day-

he took my money he was just a fake boyfriend I wish if I knew that before. my adviser to you young ladies plz stay away from fake guys .

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