Sunday, 6 August 2017

this is how Adolf Hitler commits suicide in 1945

Adolf Hitler was a leader of Germany Nazi, he was the most evil person in the world.  during the world war II of 1940 to 1945, Germany Nazi has occupied all Europe.
and Germany Nazi was defeated by the west and Soviet union in 1945, and that was the end of the war in Europe.
but after the war, nobody knew where Hitler was after the soviet union take over Germany capital of Berlin, they were looking for Hitler everywhere.

Hitler was committed suicide with his fiance Eva Braun, this is the story of how Adolf Hitler died together with his fiance Eva Braun.
that day of April 30, 1945, in Berlin Germany, Adolf Hitler knew that the soviet union army was approached Berlin. 
he knew that he won't gonna win the war, and they will capture him alive and make him prisoner. 

on April 30, of 1945 Adolf Hitler shot himself with his pistol and died with his fiance   Eva Braun. his bodyguards took the bodies and burn them, and after they buried them.   he was one of the world most criminal of all the time 

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