Thursday, 24 August 2017

Rwandan President Paul Kagame is developing Rwanda with the blood of Congo minerals

everybody is talking about how Kagame has developing Rwanda, today Rwanda he is one of the best country in Africa.  Rwanda is the cleanest country in Africa, u can find the internet everywhere in the city Kigali.  Kagame is developing Rwanda and everyone praises him for the good work he has done.

but this man they call him the evil  man in congo. if you travel to Congo and you ask Congolese who is Kagame, Congolese people will tell u that Kagame is Africa Hitler.
Rwanda has stolen lots of minerals from the Congo, and Kagame is developing Rwanda from the blood Congolese minerals.  Kagame has been accused of supporting rebels group in Congo and financing them.     the report said that even today Rwanda he is still controlling all the eastern of  the democratic republic of congo .

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