Friday, 4 August 2017

Meet 37 year old Ugandan woman Mariam Nabatanzi Who Gave Birth to 38 Children

A-37 years old, Mariam Nabatanzi from Mukono Uganda she is the first woman to give birth to lots of children. she is living with her 38 children in one house.
At 37, Mariam has given birth to 38 children, if you come to his house you may think it is a boarding school. 

she said that she was married at the age of 13 , and she started have children,  she said the father of her children has abandoned her , and now she is living alone with her children in the house she bought by her own money.  she said that she working hard to take care of her children alone, she said 14 of her children are in primary school now where she pay over 5 million ugandan shilling per term. 

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