Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I have Lost $5000 TO A Fake Boyfriend on Facebook

my name is Alberta, and I'm 34 years old, I met this man on facebook who was using the name of Paul. I started chatting with Paul on Facebook he had 5 pictures on his facebook and he was so handsome man.   one day Paul told me that am so beautiful, and he wants to meet me, I was so happy and I was ready to meet him too.   he said to me that he loves me so much, he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said to him yes. we were always using Facebook chat, only that.

 I was asking him sometimes to call me on Facebook video chat, I wanted to see him live on video, but he told me that he was busy.   every time when I asked him for video call, he said he can't because he was busy, even on weekend. I asked him what kind of work he was doing, and he told me that he is a doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in south Africa.

 one day he told me that he got robbed, he told me that he needs money to do some things, he told me that he will give me back my money, I asked him how much money he needs, he told me that he needs $2500.    I went to the bank to send him the money, after two weeks he told me that he is now coming to see me in my country where am living, but he said that he needs some money to fix something before he comes, and when he comes he will pay me back all my money.

I asked him again how much he needed, he told me that he needed another $2500. I went to the bank again and send him $2500. after he received the money he gave me the program when he will arrive at the airport. I was so happy and I went there waiting for him. I did not see him I was waiting up to 5 hours in the airport.

since that day I have never seen him again, I have never hear from him again, I went to check his facebook was deactivated. it was the time when I knew that I get scammed.  I was very stupid, and I lost my money to someone I didn't even know.  


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