Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

this simple way will help you to know and find out if your girlfriend she is cheating on you.    many men wanna know what their girlfriend does behind.

phone calls, if your girlfriend phone is ringing and she doesn't wanna answer the call when  u are with her, you have to know the reason why she did not wanna answer that call...  ask her why she doesn't wanna answer that call, tell her who is that person who is calling her, ask her to show u.

if she is going out to do something, make sure u follow her behind step to step, to know what she does.  don't tell her that u are going to follow her, u must make sure she doesn't know if u will follow her behind.

check her messages on her Facebook, and her WhatsApp and on her phone.  find out which people are calling her on the phone,  remember that she is your girlfriend don't  fear to check on her.

you can do lots of things to find out if your girlfriend she is cheating on you, there are lots of things to find out.

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