Tuesday, 25 July 2017

president of Congo was a taxi driver in Tanzania today is worth $24 billion

joseph Kabila president of the democratic republic of the congo.  he was a taxi driver in Tanzania when he was living in exile with his father during the  90s .  a former Kabila close friend,  who was with him in Tanzania during the 90s explain the life  of Kabila in Tanzania .

he said "Kabila was working hard, he had a taxi he was driving to make a living .  but how come this man who was just simple taxi driver became president of the one of the biggest country in Africa.

in 1997 he back to Congo with his father from exile, his father was leading a rebel group who threw out the government. and in 1997 after the success, his father take power and become the president .

but his father after 4 years in power, he was assassinated by one of his bodyguard in 2001.
he succeeded his father and took power from 2001. he is now the president of Congo since 2001. the man who came from nowhere.      he has stolen lots of money from Congolese peoples, and today his net worth is estimated to be $24 billion

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